Group Isyan Ateşi members banned from entering Dersim to attend Munzur festival

Group Isyan Ateşi members were released after being taken into custody in Dersim on Monday, and were banned from entering Dersim.

Grup Yorum, Group Isyan Ateşi (Fire of Rebellion) and Veradardz Folk Group were banned from performing at the 21st Munzur Culture and Nature Festival.

Last Monday evening, 31 July, members of the Group Isyan Ates and 7 people were taken into custody in Seyid Rıza Square while they were reading the leftwing paper Partizan.

The detainees were released after giving their statements on Tuesday morning. Group members Yusuf Rencüzoğulları, Melisa Yılmaz and Ali Rencüzoğulları were quickly taken to Erzincan Mengücek Gazi Training and Research Hospital by armored vehicle. The three artists were banned from entering Dersim.

The group members, who were taken out of the city, made a statement in front of the hospital. Yusuf Rencüzoğulları said on behalf of the group: "Last year, after we were banned at the 20th Munzur Culture and Nature Festival, a helicopter was flown over us on the Muti Bridge and we were kept waiting for 2 days. We were detained in the middle of the street within the provincial borders by the Tunceli Governor's Office, while on our way to attend the 21st edition of the Munzur Culture and Nature Festival, without any justification. Although we were told that we would be released during the detention process, we were taken out of the province. No oppression and attack by fascism will be able to chain revolutionary art. We will defend revolutionary art everywhere. Revolutionary art cannot be banned."