Grup Yorum calls on people to protect Ibrahim's grave

Grup Yorum issued a call inviting people to go to Gökçek's grave, after the "immoral and inhumane treatment" of the bass player's remains.

Grup Yorum issued a written statement about the attacks on the funeral of its member Ibrahim Gökçek, who died two days after calling off his death fast which lasted 323 days.

The statement said: "The police of the AKP fascism and the fascist mobs connected to it acted with disgrace and immorality against Ibrahim's remains. They attacked the ceremony to be held in Gazi Mahallesi with tear gas bombs, they abducted Ibrahim's remains, they could not even tolerate a folk song to be sung at his grave in Kayseri. The civilian fascist mob now threatens to remove Ibrahim's remains from the ground to burn them. Ibrahim sang popular songs against this inhuman system, and for this this system which recognise no value, no law wanted him to be silenced. Ibrahim fell martyr so that the voice of the people would never remain silent. His bones will be mixed with soil, but his name, dreams and folk songs will live in the hearts of the people for hundreds of years."

Call to public opinion

The statement called on artists, lawmakers, democratic mass organizations to act.
Grup Yorum asked people to ring, write, demand the Kayseri Governorship, AKP Headquarters, Kayseri provincial and district buildings to put an end to the threats against Ibrahim's grave.

Grup Yorum also called on people and democratic mass organizations in Kayseri to visit Gökçek's grave.