Historical sites destroyed by DAESH

Hesekê has many historical monuments and sites.

During the occupation by the DAESH mercenaries in the region, most of these historical sites were plundered and destroyed. The mercenaries, along crimes against people, were also responsible of crimes against historical sites. They sold many historical pieces from these places to the Turkish state.

Ecac hill, linked to the town of Eris, is one of the historical places in Hesekê. The historical mound, located about 50 kilometers from the Iraqi border, witnessed many historical searches in the 19th century. Many historical artefacts here were exhibited in museums in Syria as well as other countries.

The historical ruins were destroyed during the invasion attack carried out by the DAESH mercenaries. 

The mercenaries dug long tunnels as deep as 20 meters to ensure the transfer of these artefacts to Turkey where they could sell it. 

The hill, Hemud al-Salih told ANHA, dated back to the Assyrians, adding that many moulds were in the village of Ecac, on the banks of the Xabûr River. Al-Salih said that DAESH mercenaries recovered many sculptures and artefact excavating those moulds. According to al-Salih the mercenaries have plundered at least 40 per cent of the hill and had done great damage with the tunnels they dug.