Hunger strike, an installation and a performance in Rome

‘Hunger Strike’ is the title of an installation and a performance presented by Norma Santi in the context of the exposition Art and Anarchy organised at the Macro Asilo Museum in Rome. 

The artist was inspired by the hunger strike going on in Strasbourg since December 2018 and carried out by 14 Kurdish activists.

The hunger strikers are demanding the end of isolation against Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Ocalan and ‘Hunger Strike’ is a light that has turned on a story most would like to be silenced on the epic of a people that has not renounced the ideal of freedom despite the attacks by the nation states. 

Contemporary art becomes the media, the gesture, the action, the work that does not need the immediacy of speech and many visual artists, musicians, filmmakers have

already produced works on the subject including Bansky who in New York dedicated a mural to the Kurdish artist Zerha Dogan imprisoned in March 2016 for painting the destruction of a city and the Turkish state flag waving on the rubbles. 

‘Hunger Strike’ was presented as part of the event Art and Anarchy that was held from 19 to 31 March based of an idea of ​​the collective Escuela Moderna / Ateneo Libertario of Barcelona to celebrate ten years of activity together with the historic Venetian magazine ApARTe, unique in its kind in dealing with Art and Anarchy.