Iranian artists: We are ready to take action for colleagues in prison

400 artists, including filmmakers, activists, intellectuals and artists, wrote an open letter demanding the release of artists arrested by the Iranian regime.

The popular uprisings in Iran and Rojhilat Kurdistan continue despite all attacks, oppression, massacres and arrests. Many artists, activists and intellectuals who supported these uprisings were arrested. 400 names, including filmmakers, artists, activists and intellectuals, wrote an open letter to the Cinema Board of Directors and the Film Directors Justice and Law Protection Board. 400 names, “Why do the arrests of artists continue?”

We are ready to take action

The letter said: “Why are Mackan Iylanlo and other artists not released? Artists are the voice of the people and should not be in prison. Being the voice of the people is a social responsibility. In the letter, in which it was announced that action would be launched if the repressions did not end, the artists called for sit-ins to be organized in front of movie theaters.