Koma Saz û Awaz: Fighting Turkish special war with culture

Koma Saz û Awaz was founded during the 19 July Rojava Revolution. They fight the special war policies with culture.

Culture is one of the most important ingredients in the construction of the values of society. It is also one of the effective ways to convey the idea of revolutionary change and transformation to the people. Artists can convey their revolutionary feelings and thoughts to society through effective artistic performances. Cultural groups in Northern and Eastern Syria protect culture through theater or music and celebrate the gains of the 19 July Rojava Revolution to the whole world within the revolutionary understanding of culture.

Koma Saz û Awaz was founded during the 19 July Revolution by young people. The group conveys the excitement and enthusiasm of the revolution to society with their revolutionary songs.

Koma Saz û Awaz was founded in 2021 at the Culture and Art Center in Qidorbegê, in Qamishlo. The group consists of 12 girls and boys from the same neighbourhood. The group takes part in Newroz celebrations and many other events organized in Northern and Eastern Syria, such as the Orkêş Festival.

The best-known songs of the band, which has performed 35 revolutionary songs so far, are "Zengilê Cengê" and "Em Ciwanên Rojava ne".

Nûpelda Hisên, a member of the group, told ANHA that the aim of the group is to protect the ancient values and culture of society and added: "For this purpose, we have come together to fulfil our revolutionary duty. The enemy is brainwashing young people by alienating them from their own culture with the special war policies they carry out. For this reason, we call on young people to protect their culture and to perform culture with a revolutionary understanding of art in order to break these attacks."

Ridwan Dêrik, Director of the Culture and Art Center in Qidorbegê, said, "The members of the group came together during the revolution process and witnessed the resistance and victories during this process. The lyrics of these songs describe the reality of the revolution. I write the lyrics and compose songs in the group. The songs we wrote and composed mostly speak about Leader Abdullah Öcalan, martyrs and guerrillas resisting in the mountains of Kurdistan."

Dêrik continued: “Revolutionary songs are of great importance to raise the morale of the people against the special war policies being carried out by Turkey and its mercenaries against Northern and Eastern Syria. Our songs tell about the guerrilla resistance and the historical epics they wrote with their brave actions. We express our support to them with our songs. Leader Abdullah Öcalan says 'We started young, we will succeed young'. For this reason, we call on all our young people to react to these  special war attacks. Our doors are always open to host and educate young people who want to preserve their culture."