Kurdish artists call out with music: Xwe nekuje!

Artists with the cultural movement TEV ÇAND, created a music clip called “Xwe nekuje”.

Artists Hekim Sefkan, Xelil Xemgin, Peyvan Arjin, Bengi Agîri and Jiyan Osman recorded a song called "Xwe nekuje" and made a new music clip. The arrangement of the song was made by Memo Yapıştıran.

The prepared clip was released for the first time on Tuesday evening both on digital platforms and on Med Müzik TV.

The video and photographs of HPG guerrillas and peshmerga who fought against ISIS in South Kurdistan were used in the clip, whose lyrics and music belong to Hekim Sefkan.

Hekim Sefkan talked about his works and said that the lyrics of the song were actually a letter.

Sefkan said: “From my point of view, there is no difference between killing your brother with a bullet or with a discourse. There is no difference between fighting against your brother on the fronts and fighting on the political fronts. The bombing and smashing of your brother's house are the same as (...) But your brother who is killed today is the preparation of your death tomorrow. In this work, I did not focus on melody and music, the word here is the letter. Thanks to everyone who helped me.”