Kurdish cultural movement against genocide and occupation

The Kurdish cultural movement in Europe discussed the impact of colonialism on their work and countermeasures to capitalist modernity at a conference that lasted several days.

The Kurdish cultural and art movement in Europe held a conference over the weekend. One hundred delegates from various European countries, as well as artists invited as guests, took part in the event under the motto "Enlarge the cultural resistance against genocide and occupation".

The conference began with a minute of silence in memory of those who died in the liberation struggle. Special mention was made of the fallen artists Hozan Mizgîn, Sefkan, Serhat, Halil Dağ, Delîla and Mazdek Ararat. After a discussion about the political developments in Kurdistan and worldwide, the activities in the different fields of art and culture were evaluated.

Impact of colonialism on art and culture

During the evaluation of cultural activities, festivals, concerts and courses in the past two years, there was a self-critical discussion about the weaknesses that had occurred and possible methods of resolution. In particular, the discussion focused on productivity in the various sectors and the form in which art and culture are disseminated in society. Central questions in the discussion were the effects of colonialism and countermeasures to protect one's own culture.

Cultural work at the center of capitalist modernity

"At the center of capitalist modernity, we are influenced by different ideologies and ways of life. As never before in history, social life in society is under attack. Capitalism is destroying social ethics and collective values and promoting an egoism that is having a deadly effect on art and culture. In turn, it is cultural work that can stop the emotional deadening caused by capitalism in individuals and society. Against this background, it is our responsibility to impart spirit and morality to individuals and society," reads a final declaration of the conference.

"We must be ourselves"

“The Kurdish cultural movement is directed against fascism, domination and nationalism. In all its work, the building of a democratic society and women's liberation are considered principles. Self-absorption and populism are rejected, as is disrespect for one's own culture. We must not disrespect ourselves and copy others. We must be ourselves and trust our own strength. Only in this way can we create lasting works."

Protecting authentic values

Among other things, the conference decided to protect Kurdish culture and authentic values, taking into account specific features such as Alevi, Yazidi and Yaresan cultures, as well as the various Kurdish dialects. In order to promote art and culture, training courses are to be held, and all work is to be archived and made accessible in written and visual form. In addition, the cultural movement wants to strengthen cooperation with internationalist and revolutionary artists.