Kurdish Literature Association: If we unite, our voice will be louder

Kurdish Literature Association co-chair Mehmet Deviren said that if Kurdish writers unite, their voice will be louder.

Kurdish writers came together at the event organized by the Kurdish Literature Association (Komeleya Wêjekarên Kurd) in Diyarbakır. Many Kurdish writers attended the event held in Kayapınar district.

Mehmet Deviren, co-chairm of the Kurdish Writers' Association asked authors what shall they do for the Kurdish language and its authorship. Stating that it is necessary to find an answer to the question all together, he added: “We should be in one-on-one communication with the institutions that work for the Kurdish language. As writers' associations, we should work on how we should come together with writers. We came together today and from today on we must do our best to continue meeting. We have friends who are just starting out, and we are very proud to see them here.”

'Our voice will get louder'

Referring to the importance of the organization of writers, Deviren said: “If there is no organization and unity among writers, we would go nowhere. However, if there is unity, the voices of the authors, who are in favour of unity, peace and memory, will be louder.”