Meet the Rojava Film Commune

An event to present the Rojava Film Commune will take place in the Netherlands on 7 April.

The Rojava Film Commune is the first organization of contemporary filmmakers founded during the Syrian Civil War in the Kurdish Rojava region in Northern Syria.

Since 2015, the commune has educated a new generation of Rojava filmmakers, organized screenings in cities and villages and produced its own unique films as part of the endeavour to rebuild their society.

For the very first time, Rojava Film Commune co-founder Diyar Hesso will be in the Netherlands to show fragments of films made by the Commune and discuss the role of art and film in the context of political struggle and revolution.

The Rojava revolution was not only a fight against the Islamic State, but also the beginning of a new social, feminist and ecological project in the Middle-East. And, as the Rojava Film Commune shows, also the beginning of a new revolutionary art.

During this meeting, various artists and cultural workers will join the panel together with Diyar Hesso to discuss the relation between art, film and political transformation.

The panel will be chaired by Chris Keulemans.