MKM event banned by Fatih District Governorship

The “Çîrokên Xorasanê (Khorasan’s Tales)” event organized by the MKM was banned by Fatih District Governorship.

The "Çîrokên Xorasanê (Khorasan's Tales)" event, organized by the Mesopotamia Cultural Center (MKM) to be held at the Ali Emiri Efendi Cultural Center in Fatih district today, Saturday, was banned by the Fatih District Governor's Office without any justification.

In a statement, the MKM said: "This ban, which was imposed just hours before our event, is actually a ban imposed on the Kurdish language and culture. Like the similar prohibitions we have encountered, this attempt to ban our culture won’t deter us. We will hold our event tonight at 8pm at the Mesopotamia Cultural Center."