Mobile Book Fair in Serêkaniyê

Readers and intellectuals had proposed to organise a mobile library to travel in all cities of Cizire region.

The mobile book fair opened its doors on Monday morning in the city of Serêkaniyê.

The fair opened at the Mîtan cafeteria, in the Gûzê boulevard, and will be open to book lovers for three days, from 10 am to 5 pm.

Aram Ali, member of the Culture and Art Committee of the Cizire (Jazira) Region, told ANHA they would like to bring the fair to all cities and villages. “We are planning - he said - to bring the mobile library around in the future. We begin here in Serêkaniyê where the library will be opened for three days”.

Aram said that the Culture Committee wants to improve the reading culture with such mobile fair, and added: “We are a free space. Our authors feel the need to share their thoughts and our people need it. Our goal is to give a new opportunity to the public”.

Aram, who called on the Serêkaniyê people in his speech, said: “We hope that the people of Serêkaniyê will visit our fair. There are about 4,000 books in Kurdish, Arabic and Turkish, all waiting for our people”.

The mobile fair is an initiative promoted by Cizire Region Culture and Art Committee, Syria’s Kurdish Writers Union, Jazira Region Intellectuals Union, Syriac Cultural Association, Syrian Kurdistan Writers Committee, Şilêr, Dar-El Tekwîn, Democratic Society Academy, Şopdarên Rojê, HRRK, Middle East Press Center and publishers.

First opened on 23 September in Derik, the fair lasted 3 days. The next address of the fair is Serêkaniyê, and after that Hesekê and Amûdê.

The books available include thousands of volumes in Kurdish, Arabic and Turkish, as well as books on the history of the Rojava Revolution, Kurdistan, poetry, novels, story books, dictionaries, Kurdish Freedom Movement publications and Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan's books.

The Jazira Region Culture and Art Committee organized the Martyr Herekol Book Fair on 29 July in Qamishlo. This was followed by the proposal made by book lovers and intellectuals to organise a mobile library to travel all cities of the Jazira region.