Music Beyond Borders, a short movie

A short film called "Muzika li Pişt Sînor-Music Beyond Borders", about the ban on Kurdish music, was released on YouTube.

A short film "Muzika li Pişt Sînoran (Music Cross Borders)", shot by Botan International with the support of Minority Rights Group International (MRGI), was released on YouTube.

The short film written by Murat Bayram is inspired by a true story. It was directed by Ekrem Yıldız and focuses on the period when Kurdish music was banned.

This short film takes viewers back to the 1980s in Turkey, where the Kurdish language and music were forbidden. The film shows soldiers trying to prevent music from being played at a wedding, only to be left powerless when they hear the sounds of a neighbouring Kurdish village across the Syrian border.

This film highlights the ongoing pressure on the use of the Kurdish language and music and the lack of change in the past 40 years.

The music is by musician Serdar Canan.