"My whole life was a struggle" book appears in English

The first volume of the three-part biography of Sakine Cansiz has also been published in English after German and Italian.

The first volume of the three-part biography of PKK co-founding member Sakine Cansiz has been published by Pluto Press in English. The book was translated by American author Janet Biehl. The publication of a Kurdish-language edition of all three volumes is also planned for this year.

Sakine Cansiz was murdered by the Turkish intelligence agency MIT in January 2013 together with Fidan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez in Paris. Her biography, written in the 1990s at the suggestion of Abdullah Öcalan, was revised after her death and first appeared in the Mesopotamia Publishing House in the Turkish-language original and later in the German and Spanish edition.