New resistance song from Rojava: "Hey Zapê”

The artists initiative Hûnergeha Welat has published a new piece entitled "Hey Zapê" in protest against the Turkish attacks on the Zap region and in solidarity with the guerrilla resistance.

Kurdish culture is characterized by resistance. This is also shown by the new piece from the "Atelier of the Homeland" (Hûnergeha Welat) entitled "Hey Zapê". The song was written in solidarity with the guerrilla resistance against the Turkish army in the guerrilla-held Zap region of southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq). In the piece, protesting people are shown holding up mekap, the guerrillas' shoes. By holding up the guerrilla shoes, they express their protest against the Turkish state's war policy and their solidarity with the freedom fighters in the mountains of Kurdistan.

Hûnergeha Welat - chroniclers of resistance and artists

Hûnergeha Welat was founded in Qamişlo on July 1, 2014. There are two crucial areas; music and documentation. Every year, music and video works are created and documentaries are produced with dengbej and music groups. A large part of all songs and music videos dedicated to the revolution and filmed in Rojava are productions of Hûnergeha Welat. Hûnergeha Welat sees itself as a studio of new revolutionary art beyond sloganeering. Instead, the current revolutionary spirit and the feelings of the society of Rojava are to be reflected in the pieces. At the same time, the studio is also a chronicler of the resistance in the different regions of Rojava.

The name is considered as a memory of the fallen artist Welat who was killed by the detonation of an ISIS car bomb.