Nuremberg Kurdish Culture Days continue with success

Today will be the third day of the Kurdish Culture Days in Nuremberg. 

The 10th edition of the Kurdish Culture Days, organised by the Medya People’s House in Nuremberg, began on Wednesday. 

After the opening of the Konê Reş tent where different aspects of Kurdish life are presented there were speeches and concerts.

Folkloric groups went on stage first followed by Suleyman Çar Newa and Eleonore Fourniau. 

Hundreds of Kurds joined the events and all underlined the importance of the hunger strike resistance, claiming the action and commending HDP Hakkari MP to whom the Culture Days are dedicated. 

On Thursday was the screening of the film Girls of the Sun.

Today at Villa Leon Philipp-Koerber-weg, beginning at 6 pm, will be a panel moderated by sociologist Nihal Bayram with journalist-writer Ferda Çetin, journalist-writer Ahmet Nesin and journalist and politician Martin Dolzer. The panel will discuss the Democratic Solution of the Kurdish Question.

On 1 June Saturday at 6 pm in Villa Leon there will be concerts to end the event: on stage, Koma Dengé Xwezayê, Hozan Aydın and Serhat Çar Newa.