Organized cultural robbery in Afrin

The occupiers of Afrin have now assigned a unit to locate and rob historic cultural assets in Afrin.

Archaeologist Umer Îbrahîm warns that in Afrin cultural robbery is being planned on a grand scale. According to this, the occupiers of the city have assigned their own unit to locate art and cultural assets throughout the region in order to rob them and sell them. According to Îbrahîm, this unit has already begun excavating near the historic train tracks near the village of Meydan Ekbîs.

The archaeologist points out that the Turkish state had already bombed historic sites from the air during the occupation operation. The policy of the Turkish state aims to eradicate the cultural heritage of Afrin.

Another place of eagerness for cult robbers is the citadel of Nebî Horî (Sîros) in the district of Shera, built around 2500 BC by the Hurrians and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Around the castle, the occupiers have begun excavations, explains Îbrahîm.

The archaeologist addresses the following appeal to the public: "The Turkish state disregards the international principle that historic sites should be protected even in war zones. Instead, it continues its barbaric attacks. I call on all responsible international institutions to put a stop to this action by the Turkish state.”