"Painting makes me breathe"

Painter Ekrem Bekir said that painting is a part of his life and said that he breathes as he paints.

Ekrem Bekir, from Hesekê, graduated from Damascus University Faculty of Journalism in 2007. He has been painting since 2011. Ekrem Bekir, who paints in a small room of his house, hangs his pencils, paints and paintings on the walls of his room.

Ekrem Bekir told ANHA: "I started drawing at a young age, but I started doing it professionally in 2011. At first, portraits, nature and realistic drawings were my style. I draw mostly with olive colors and black pencil, using two different techniques. Sometimes I draw with pencil and sometimes with graphics. "Each method has its own principles and rules."

Ekrem Bekir continued: "I have painted many paintings and participated in local exhibitions so far. However, due to the conditions in the region, I could not participate in international exhibitions.

Every artist has his own idea. Some call drawing a hobby or art. This depends on everyone's opinion. I also express my feelings through the paintings I make. Drawing means a lot to me, I see it as a part of life. I'm just engrossed in my paintings and colors. I can say that beauty exists with free creativity."