Play "Dara jiyanê" opens in Qamishlo

The play "Dara jiyanê" was staged at the Mihemed Şêxo Culture and Art Center in Qamishlo.

The history of the play 'Dara Jiyanê' written by Çiya dates back to ancient times. The script of the play was rewritten by director Ekin Roni who said: "We started working on the anniversary of the PKK's founding two months ago. We prepared a play with a member of Dêrik's Ava Mezin group. Most of the members who played in the play were new and hadn’t played in such a role before.”

Talking about the content of the play, Ekin Roni said it " tells about the first congress held to establish the PKK in 1978. The play 'Dara Jiyanê' is inspired by the eastern poet Cemal Melikşa's poem "Dara Pîr". Following the Zogurlu family, the play traces the founding process of the PKK, that is, the house in which the PKK was founded. It is based on a strong philosophical foundation. The play, built on the parameters of good-bad, yesterday-today, local-global dialectics, takes place in the garden of the Zogurlu family's house. It tells about Seyfettin Zogurlu's mother's resistance to the demand to cut the tree in his garden.”

Roni continued: "Actually, the play 'Dara Jiyanê' was supposed to open on 27 November, but unfortunately it was canceled due to the air strikes carried out by the Turkish state that caused the death of many people. We staged the play twice in Dêrik and now in the city of Qamishlo. We will also be performing the play in different cities of Rojava.”