Police in Amed ban 5 books

In Amed, the police confiscated 5 books that were successively banned.

Within the scope of an Amed-based political police operation, five books - "Angry Climate", "Bese Anuş", "Critique of Syndicalism and Democratic Labor and Confederalism", "A Lost Passenger in the City of Şahmeran" and "Children with a Sun Look" - published by Aram Publishing House were confiscated at homes and at workplaces. It was revealed that the books in question were confiscated without a formal decision of "Prohibition of Printing, Distribution and Sale".

The prosecutor carrying out the investigation applied to the Diyarbakır 2nd Criminal Court of Peace and requested a ban order for the books, that the judge's office promptly issued.

A copy of the decision dated 12 July was communicated to Aram Publishing House. The motivation for the confiscation was "propaganda for a terrorist organization, inciting the people to hatred and enmity, praising crimes and criminals".