Screening of doc on life of SDF fighter Lorenzo ‘Orso’ Orsetti in Rome

The documentary on the life of International SDF fighter Lorenzo ‘Orso’ Orsetti ‘Tekoşer’ will be screened on Saturday at SCENA in Rome.

Dario Salvetti will present his documentary “Tekoşer. Il partigiano Orso” (Tekoşer. Partisan Orso) in Rome this Saturday.

The documentary, as the director said himself, “is strongly inspired by the writings by Lorenzo Orsetti. Although it was not conceived as a documentary on the Rojava revolution and the conflict in Syria, Tekoşer does not fail to leave an important fresco on the characteristics of that conflict and of the revolutionary project in Rojava. But in the narrative development, other levels gradually emerge, such as the meaning of being partisans today, and finally, the problem of the purpose and meaning of life itself."

The documentary has been realised with the collaboration of Fondazione Archivio Audiovisivo del Movimento Operaio e Democratico.

On Saturday, together with the screening, there will be a debate with the director and Alessandro Orsetti, Lorenzo’s father.

Internationalist YPG fighter Lorenzo Orsetti (Tekoşer Piling) lost his life in Baghouz on March 18 during the battle against ISIS mercenaries. His body reached his hometown Florence on June 15 and a funeral was held on June 24. Orsetti, 33, went to Rojava in 2017.