Screening of documentary "Dementia" in Istanbul

The documentary "Dementia", about the forced migration after Hasankeyf was flooded, was screened.

The Migration Monitoring Association screened the documentary "Dementia" and set up the exhibition "The story of those who set out from the place of no return" at the Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center in Şişli, Istanbul. The documentary screening was attended by many non-governmental organizations, party leaders, writers and citizens.

Kamile Kendal, Co-chair of the Migration Monitoring Association, said that millions of people were displaced and forced to migrate. Kendal said: “The effects of immigration continue. The people of Kurdistan, who have experienced economic, psychological and sociological problems related to migration, are still under its influence. When we all look at each other, we also know that we are all immigrants. None of us are strangers to the phenomenon of immigration.”

The documentary “Dementia” by director Renas Yıldız talks about the forced displacement of tens of thousands of people, following the 199 settlements submerged in 2020 after 12-thousand-year old Hasankeyf was flooded. The documentary features interviews with people whose homes and histories were flooded.

A dengbej concert was held at the end of the documentary.