Serêkaniyê theater group begins work again in Hesekê

The members of the theater group, which was disbanded after the occupation of Serêkaniyê, were reunited with the establishment of the Martyr Darsi Theater Group in 2021 and had the opportunity to continue their arts.

Theater actors were among those who had to immigrate after the Turkish state occupied Serêkaniyê in 2019. They met again in the Martyr Darsi Theater Group, founded by the Hîlala Zêrîn Cultural Movement in Hesekê in 2021.

Fatma Fewaz Ehmed said that she wrote a theater script during the first war in Serêkaniyê (2013), and added: “First of all, I started working as a writer. Then I started to direct plays. I was particularly interested in children's theatre.

Ehmed joined Hîlala Zêrîn in 2021 after the occupation of Serêkaniyê, and is now training 10 children.

Ehmed said that she wrote scripts especially about women and added: “I have written many plays about the struggle against violence against women and women's struggle. At the same time, I have plays that attract children's attention and are written with the aim of educating them.”

Ehmed underlined that her work is not separated from the life of society and that it reflects every day’s life and issues. “A theater book called Children's Theater has been published. We are currently preparing a story book which will soon be published. We both give these books to people and present them at exhibitions.”

Zihar Cuma Tahir is also from the old theatre group in Serêkaniyê and has worked in theater for 9 years. Tahir said that theater was taken away from Serêkaniyê after its occupation. Tahir said that they established the Martyr Darsi Group to "promote our culture with our language."