TEV-ÇAND: Hozan Serhat was an artist loyal to his people

In a statement released to mark the anniversary of Martyr Hozan Serhat, TEV-ÇAND said: "Hozan Serhat was a conscious and loyal artist. The artists who know the reality of the people express the truth of the society in their songs."

TEV-ÇAND Europe issued a statement 21 years after artist Hozan Serhat fell martyr. The statement pointed out that the Freedom Movement has arrived to these days by paying great prices. "Hozan Serhat was an artist and revolutionary of this movement. Hozan Serhat started singing at a young age.

He soon became aware of the situation of his people and realized the danger Kurdish music, culture and folklore were facing. Hozan Serhat reacted to the assimilation attacks on Kurdish music, He used to say: 'We have a strong source. It is up to us to return to that source, especially to show the Kurdish culture. Until today, a balance has been achieved at a certain point. It will disappear if we do not keep it. Let's take our old pieces out, read them, transfer them to the future, and they won't get lost.'”

The statement added: “The artists who know the reality of their people express the social truth in their songs."

The statement recalled that Martyr Hozan Serhat fell on the path to freedom after seeing the persecution of the Kurdish people. "Those who set out for freedom equip themselves with the ideas of the revolution. They know how to use art very well. They are effective.”

The statement ended by commending Hozan Serhat, “a conscious and loyal artist rather than an ordinary artist. He showed everyone what an artist can accomplish with his work and commitment. In his songs, Hozan Serhat told about the guerrillas, heroism, martyrs and the values of the revolution. Hozan Serhat may not be among us now, but continues to be alive with his works. We remember Hozan Serhat once again, and bow to his memory with respect and love. We remember all the fallen artists in the person of Martyr Serhat. They became the conscience of the society."