The story of Hêza, from ISIS hostage to Defense Units commander in the liberation of Raqqa

“Hêza” is a documentary about a Yazidi woman who was kidnapped by ISIS but later escaped and participated in the SDF operation to liberate Raqqa.

The documentary "Hêza" tells the story of a Yazidi woman who was kidnapped with 24 members of her family as a result of the ISIS attack on Shengal on 3 August 2014. The film, directed by Derya Deniz, has just been completed. The documentary, shot in Northern and Eastern Syria, Raqqa and Shengal, is the result of a year of work. The music of the documentary was composed by Mehmud Berazi. Shooting and editing are signed by Şaristan Mahîr, Aza Boran, Afat Baz and Îbrahim Sedî.

The trailer of the documentary has just been released and the film will be now sent to festivals.

The story of the documentary

ISIS took many of their kidnapped women to Raqqa, where they undergo more brutality. One of these women is Hêza, who was kidnapped in Shengal during the massacre carried out by ISIS on 3 August 2014. The young woman attempts suicide many times but does not die. With the support of a Kurdish family, she manages to get out of Raqqa and regain her freedom. Returning to Shengal once again in 2015, the Kurdish Yazidi woman later joined the YJŞ and became a commander.

Returning to Raqqa as a YJŞ commander in 2016, she joins the SDF operation to liberate Raqqa. After Raqqa is liberated from ISIS, the Yazidi woman finds and visits the Kurdish family who had helped her to escape.