Workshop on Kurdish language kicks off in Amed

The Network of Languages ​​and Cultures is holding a workshop in Amed to establish the network roadmap.

A two-day language workshop to determine the road map of the Network for Languages ​​and Cultures started at the Demir Hotel in Amed.

Nearly 300 people, most of them writers, academics, educators, publishers, business people and women's institutions and cultural and arts institutions have joined in the workshop.

The opening speech of the workshop was made by linguist Zana Farqinî from the secretariat. Farqinî stated that everyone was disturbed by the situation in the Kurdish language and culture and emphasized the importance of gathering in order to take steps in this regard.

Farqinî said: "There are many independent institutions in the field of language and culture. However, we saw the need to work together. Since the establishment of the Republic, Kurdish culture and language have been faced with a strong assimilation policy. For the first time in a  century, we have seen the first signals of a possible extinction of the Kurdish language. We will come together to discuss how we should follow a method against the attacks on our language and culture."

Farqinî said that the language problem is not only an issue for those who are interested in the language itself, but is a matter concerning all Kurds.

Stating that they established 12 thematic tables for this workshop, Zana Farqinî continued: "The tables are joined by publishers, writers, language and education workers, culture and art workers, business people, professional chambers, human rights institutions, communication workers, academics and sociologist, women's institutions and children's institutions. Each table will prepare reports based on the ‘what’ and ‘how’ questions."

After the opening speech, the workshop continues closed to the press.