Yakup Güneş released after 30 years in prison

Yakup Güneş, who was arrested Varto, in the province of Muş in 1992 and was imprisoned for 30 years, was released on Friday.

Political prisoner Yakup Güneş, who was in Izmir Şakran No. 2 T Type Prison, was released after 30 years.

In 1992, he was detained and arrested in Varto, in the province of Muş charged with "separatism". Güneş was sentenced to life imprisonment at the Diyarbakır State Security Court (DGM).

Güneş should have been released on 3 November 2022, but his release was postponed for 3 months by the Administration and Observation Board on the grounds that he was not behaving well. Güneş, who entered the prison at the age of 18 and came out at the age of 50, was greeted by his relatives and the executives of the Aegean Association for Solidarity with the Families of Prisoners (EGE-TUHAYDER) in front of the prison.