Ecology Film Days kick off in Amed

The second edition of the "Ecology Film Days" kicked off in Amed.

"Amed 2nd Ecological Film Days", organized by the Ecology Association has started. On the first day of the event, which takes place between 22 and 24 September, a short film was screened at Hewş Cafe. Many people attended the screening.

'We will build life against ecological destruction'

Ecology Association activist Leyla Çite said: "We are going through difficult times, there is a social struggle going on against ecological destruction. We will screen films on how to build a life in the face of ecological destruction and to explain the third way we propose. Our municipalities were forcibly taken away from us, but we have courtyards as wide as our hearts. Our memory was destroyed in Sur, but we continue to stand against this destruction. We are here because we think it is important to integrate word and deed."

The film screening started with the association's promotional video and featured short films titled "Anima" and "Rec" as well as a feature film titled "Eko, Eko, Eko".

Anima short film

Yusuf Emre Yalçın's 39-minute short film "Anima", produced in 2021, explores the impact of various cultures and belief systems on the relationships humans establish with other living creatures. Focusing on the concepts of "sacredness" and "sacrifice" in rituals in different regions of Turkey, the film reveals the historical power relations between humans and animals.

The 6-minute short film "Rec", produced by Rezan Mir Uğurlu in 2022, in which the conversations of the children crowding around the camera continue with surprise and excitement.

'Eko Eko Eko' documentary

"Eko Eko Eko" is a documentary on which İlkay Nişancı has been working for 8 years. The film questioned how modern urban people react to the environmental collapse of the planet. Two characters are looking for answers to the ecological dilemmas that concern all of us in our daily life. 26 academics reveal whether the current economic order is ecologically sustainable.