Egyptian writer Abdullah: Silence on attacks is approval of Turkish occupation

Egyptian writer Muhsin Abdullah said that the political deadlock of the Arab states paved the way for Turkey’s invasion attacks and added, “The SDF is the main force that will protect Syria.”

Egyptian journalist/writer Muhsin Abdullah spoke to ANF about the invasion attacks launched by the Turkish state against North and East Syria on November 19.

Abdullah pointed out that Turkish politicians who promoted Neo-Ottoman ideology attacked North and East Syria as part of a plan to implement the National Pact that advocated for territorial expansion. “Turkey plans to occupy the cities where Kurds and Arabs live together. ISIS terrorism will benefit from these attacks. Because tens of thousands of ISIS members and their families are staying in camps and prisons under the control of the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces). The invading Turkish state also targeted the forces providing security in the Hol Camp where ISIS members are held. The Turkish state is committing all kinds of immoral violations in the region,” he said.


“International states have been silent. This means that they are partners with the invading Turkish state. Likewise, there has been silence in Arab countries. This is not the first time, but this silence means that the Turkish state is allowed to launch attacks in Syria and Iraq.”

Abdullah underlined that no Arab country has taken initiative to come up with a solution to the Syrian civil war. “Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, we have not seen any Arab state's support for Syria. The entire Arab community has remained silent. They could not find any solution. Hence, Turkey is carrying out all kinds of attacks to massacre and plunder the people. Turkish state fascism seeks to maintain its power over the people,” he said.


Abdullah emphasized that the SDF is the main force to protect Syria. He continued, “The main and patriotic force in Syria is the SDF. It is fighting against Turkish occupation and ISIS terrorism. We have seen how the Syrian government did not object to the Turkish occupation and remained silent. The biggest fear of the Turkish state is the collapse of their fascist government through the unity of all peoples. And this will happen soon. Turkish fascism and the government will fall. We believe that the SDF and the people of the region will defeat the Turkish state by frustrating these attacks.”

“The Turkish state wants to disseminate its hostility towards the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) all over the world. Thus, by destroying the AANES, it wants to settle its terror force there. Turkey seeks to defame the Kurds by trying to create strife between the Kurds and other peoples,” Abdullah added.