Euphrates Dam could stop if water level is not restored

The direction of the operation room of the Euphrates Dam warned that if the water level in the dam drops another 2 meters, the dam will stop.

Imad Ubêd, operation manager of the Euphrates Dam, said that the amount of water in the Euphrates Dam has decreased significantly and this has damaged the operation of the dam itself. He added that if the Turkish state continues to reduce the amount of water, disasters will occur in the region.

The total water of the Euphrates dam is approximately 14 billion cubic meters, but due to the decrease in the amount of water entering Syrian territory, some 4 billion cubic meters has been lost.

"This decline affects the operation of drinking water and irrigation pipes in rural Tabqa and Raqqa," Ubed told ANHA.

Ubed said that electricity used to be provided for 11 hours a day, 4 during the day and 7 in the evening, but now the provision has dropped to 6 hours a day. And the hours could be further dropped.

Ubed said that "if the water level drops another 2 meters, the operation of the dam will stop completely." He underlined the need for international forces and humanitarian aid organizations to intervene and called on the international community to put pressure on the Turkish state to release water, according to the signed agreement.

The operation manager of the Rojava dam (Tişrin) told ANHA that they lost 85 percent of the natural volume of the dam, which increased the risk of the Tişrin dam stopping, as it did last year.