Geliyê Qewalê and Ava Orê Waterfall, the beauties of Hakkari

A world between reality and dream, Hakkari is a generous wonder of nature. Geliyê Qewalê (Kaval Valley) and Ava Orê Waterfall (Sineber) are two parts that complete this wonder.

It is a natural wonder with its high mountains, clear waters, glaciers, lakes, deep valleys, waterfalls, caves, thousands of different plants and wild animals.

Geliyê Qewalê (Kaval Valley) and Ava Orê Waterfall are a part of this wonder. Ava Orê Waterfall, located on the border of the province of Hakkari, has a different beauty in every season. Although it is Autumn, it does not lose anything from its greenness. It welcomes visitors with cool air in the heat of summer, and in autumn with its warm, thousand different colours. This greenery, the cool water and the view of Ava Orê Waterfall fascinate people in every season. The waterfall, which freezes in winter, takes on another rebellion and hosts its visitors inaudible.

Geliyê Qewalê is the mother and birthplace of Ava Orê Waterfall. A place where nature displays all its splendor. It is deep, among the high mountains. Kaval Stream and Kaval Waterfall, passing in the middle, are home to thousands of plant species and wild animals.