Green Left declares June 5 'Collective Resistance Day' for environment

The Green Left Party declared June 5, World Environment Day, which was recognized in 1972, as the "Day/Week of Collective Resistance Against Ecological Destruction".

Green Left Party Co-Spokespersons Çiğdem Kılıçgün Uçar and İbrahim Akın made a written statement to mark June 5, World Environment Day.

The Co-Spokespersons noted that since the recognition of World Environment Day, capitalism has continued to massively change and destroy the world's ecosystems.

The statement said: “Unfortunately, the world has entered ‘the sixth mass extinction’. The capitalist system continues its attacks against nature through world governments on June 5, Environment Day. Our mountains, forests, agricultural areas, seas, lakes, streams, creeks and wetlands are being plundered.”

The statement added: “A struggle for nature is rising from all over the country; from those who fight against the rubble removal work that threatens nature and public health in the earthquake region, the expropriation of lands and houses; from those who resist the tree cutting in Cudi, to the village women who oppose the construction of solar panels in Samsun to defend their pastures, to those who take care of their cities, parks, forests, pastures, seas, rivers, history on the 10th anniversary of the Gezi resistance, to those who stand up against chromium mines in Munzur, to those who confront gold mine in Divriği, to those who bring a suit against urgent expropriation and geothermal power plants in Aydın.

We declare this week and June 5 World Environment Day as the "Day/Week of Collective Resistance Against Ecological Destruction.” We will stop all ecological destruction, and we will continue to raise our struggle for the punishment of ecocide criminals. We will win, nature will win.”