HPG releases identities of two guerrillas fallen in Basta

Announcing the identities of the two guerrillas who lost their lives in Besta, the HPG said: "We extend our condolences to the esteemed families of our comrades Şerger and Rênçber and to the patriotic people of Kurdistan."

The HPG Press Center shared the following information regarding two guerrillas who fell as martyrs in Besta: “On 14 May 2023, a comprehensive enemy operation was carried out in the Çemkê Tehlo and Serê Forest areas in the Besta region of Şirnak. Having been informed that a group of our comrades were in this area, the Turkish army carried out repeated attacks with the support of 8 warplanes, 2 combat helicopters and many contras. The area where our forces were located was tried to be surrounded and bombarded by combat helicopters for two days. On 16 May, our comrades Bawer Med and Rênçber Givara effectively struck the enemy force that came upon them. The Turkish army suffered heavy losses and bombarded the area twice using warplanes, and later by throwing yellow and apple-scented chemical weapons from helicopters. Our comrades, Bawer and Rênçber, fought to protect themselves epically for two days before eventually falling as martyrs. The Turkish army hid the heavy losses it suffered and admitted that only 4 soldiers were dead. However, as far as our forces can clarify here, the Turkish army lost 17 men.”

The statement continued: “The attacks by the Turkish army became more extensive on 17 May and expanded towards the Serê Forest area. Here, too, there were clashes between our forces and the Turkish army, and in these clashes, our leading commanders, Comrades Dilşêr and Şerger, responded to the enemy and fell as martyrs.

We extend our condolences to the esteemed families of our comrades Şerger and Rênçber, and the patriotic people of Kurdistan, who duly fulfilled their duty by adding their most valuable children to the freedom struggle of our people, which requires great effort and sacrifice.”

The statement said that “detailed identity information of our comrades Dilşêr Çiyareş and Bawer Med was shared in our statement dated 23 May 2023.”

The identity details of guerrillas Şerger and Rênçber are as follows:

 Code Name: Şerger Caf

 Name and surname: Servet Hesen

 Birthplace: Kelar

 Mother and father's names: Rahna-Hesen Perec

 Martyrdom Date and Place: 17 May 2023 - Besta


 Code Name: Rêncber Gîvara

 Name and surname: Hasan Ağırman

 Birthplace: Sirnak

 Mother and father's names: Hazniye - Mahmut

 Martyrdom Date and Place: 16 May 2023 - Besta