Infighting between Turkey’s mercenaries in Afrin

Hardly a day passes without reports of crimes in the occupied territories of North and East Syria.

Chaos continues to reign the northern Syrian city Afrin which was occupied by the Turkish army and allied mercenary groups in March 2018.

The occupation forces, who are committing all sorts of war crimes against the civilian population including torture, abduction, ransom and murder, are also continuing their efforts to change the demography of the region.

The Ahmet Zakour group from the Hamza Division that is affiliated to the so-called “National Army” mercenary coalition threw a bomb at the workplace of a family from Ghouta that had been settled in the region by the invaders after the occupation of the city.

The group then attacked other families and engaged in a clash with the mercenary group Jaysh al-Islam.

While the clash has resulted in casualties among civilians, reports say that two children have lost their lives. Tensions continue in the city.