Soldiers once again attack villagers and environmentalists in Akbelen Forest

Villagers and environmentalists trying to prevent the ongoing cutting down of trees to make place for the coal mine in the Akbelen Forest in Milas, Muğla were once again attacked by the soldiers.

Despite the protests by villagers and environmentalists, the cutting down of trees for the coal mine continues in the Akbelen Forest. Citizens who entered the area early this morning prevented the cutting teams from entering the area.

Despite the threats, the people did not leave the area. Thereupon, the cutting teams had to withdraw.

But then the soldiers came to the area, attacked the people and forced them out of the area. The women hugged the centuries-old trees, shouting "We don't want our pine trees to be cut down, that's enough." The soldiers forcibly removed the women.

A peasant woman hugging a pine tree cried out: "We came so that they wouldn't cut down our trees, but traitors came, they cut down our pines. Shame on them."

The soldiers also imposed administrative fines, citing the Muğla Governorship's ban on entry into the forest.

While the villagers continued to wait in the forest area, journalists in the region were prevented from nearing the area, taking pictures and recording videos.