Third Edition of Climate Camp kicks off in Venice

Rise Up 4 Climate Justice and Fridays for Future Venice/Mestre organized the third edition of the Venice Climate Camp.

Rise Up 4 Climate Justice and Fridays for Future Venice/Mestre organized the third edition of the Venice Climate Camp. Five days of camping for climate justice at Venice Lido, on the same island that hosted the first camp.

The camp is taking place close to where the Venice Film Festival is taking place and the cameras from all over the world are at Lido.

This year’s climate camp wants to talk about decoloniality together with activists from the global south: Today at 6:30 p.m., the camp will host Vandana Shiva, Andreas Malm, Ilham Rawoot (Friends of the Earth), Mario Alberto Castillo Quintero (Asamblea de pueblos indigenas del istmo en defensa de la tierra y el territorio, afferent to the Congreso Nacional Indigena) and another guest to be confirmed for the talk Decolonize, degrow, disrupt: climate crisis in a global scenario.

During the camp, which will last until Sunday, several workshops will take place, proposed by the organization and participating groups, including Kurds.

These include two workshops proposed by Sale docks in collaboration with the Institut of Radical Imagination (IRI), taught by Paolo Cirio and Andreco, to weave together the relationship between art and ecology, of particular interest given the context in which the camp will be held. Also returning will be Oliver Ressler, Austrian filmmaker and activist who shot part of his documentary Everything is coming together while everything is falling apart at the first Venice Climate Camp.