Turkish attacks destroy the nature in Southern Kurdistan

Bombardments of the occupant Turkish state started a fire in and around the village of Kortek. The fire left thousands of trees in ashes and many animals perished.

The occupant Turkish state that imposes a genocide on the Kurdish people declared officially on June 11 that an operation would be launched against southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq.

This aggression was, no doubt, nothing new. The Turkish state has long been carrying out all kinds of annihilation attacks against Kurdistan freedom struggle. Kurdish people are, as always, resisting against the attacks with determination.

The Turkish state is not only attacking Kurdistan freedom struggle but also trying to destroy the nature of Kurdistan. Dictator Tayyip Erdoğan is targeting all the living beings in Kurdistan- women, children, young and old alike- for the sake of his rule.  

Little Solin, who died, along with five members of her family, in a bombardment by Turkish warplanes on Kortek road in 2010, is a severe and blatant example of the aggressive savagery of the Turkish state.

The Turkish state is systematically burning down the Kurdistan geography every year. A few days ago, yet another Turkish bombardment started a fire around the Kortek village. Thousands of trees in the targeted forested area burned to ashes.

The fire that lasted two days spread to a larger area where a monument erected in memory of Little Solin and her family is located. The fire could be taken under control only thanks to the efforts of the local people.

A large number of animals also perished as a result of this fire. Some other animals that managed to survive are relentlessly trying to rebuild a nest now.