Turkish gendarmerie attack Özak Tekstil workers

Turkish gendarmerie attacked Özak Tekstil workers as they were protesting and detained nearly 20 people.

The workers had launched a work stoppage against the pressure, threats and dismissals they were subjected to while working at Özak Tekstil, which is located in the 1st Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) in Urfa (Riha). They were attacked by the Turkish military on the 10th day of their protest.

The workers, who came to the OSB outside the city and wanted to go in front of the Özak Textile factory, encountered the gendarmerie waiting for them today.

Workers, who were not allowed to enter the factory garden, whose entrances and exits were blocked by barriers, saying it was "forbidden", protested to the workplace service personnel who was being allowed inside.

The gendarmerie attacked the workers who wanted to block the service personnel. Nearly 20 people, including representatives of the United Textile, Weaving and Leather Workers Union (Birtek-Sen), were taken into custody in the attack.

Other workers protesting the attack with slogans and applause continue to wait in front of the factory.