Yazidis in Europe organise vigil against Shengal agreement

Yazidi institutions in Europe will organize a protest vigil as of tomorrow against the "Shengal agreement" signed by Hewlêr (Erbil) and Baghdad.

In a joint statement, Navenda Yekitiya Komelên Êzidiya (NAV-YEK), Siwana Meclisê Jinê Êzidî (SMJÊ), Meclisa Şengale ya Derveyi Welat (MŞD), Yekîtîya Êzidîyê Suriyê (YÊS), Hevendaina Cizên (ÊSîid), Gundên Êzdiyên Bakurê Kurdistanê Coordination (KMGÊBK), announced that they will be protesting the agreement signed by Hewlêr (Erbil) and Baghdad with an action to be held in front of the federal parliament in Berlin.

The statement said: "We, the Yazidi institutions, will start a vigil tomorrow, 15 October, in front of the German Parliament and the embassies of other states involved in the agreement. This betraying agreement signed at the beginning of October by the governments of Baghdad and Erbil goes against all Yazidis of the world through Shengal

These two sides, who should be held responsible for the genocide and so lose their legitimacy altogether, prepared a ground that could cause the Yazidi community to face a new genocide.”

The statement added: “These two parties were supposed to offer a self-criticism to a society that is slowly trying to heal its wounds and to recover from the genocide. They were supposed to recognize a permanent status to Shengal as a right. Instead, they have opted for being both guilty and strong. The Yazidi community will definitely not allow this agreement and attitude and will not accept it. The Yazidi community both in Ezdixan and anywhere in the world, will oppose this agreement.

In this context, as Yazidi organizations in Europe, we announce that we will start a protest vigil in front of the German Parliament in Berlin tomorrow, 15 October. The vigil will take place between 10 am and 3 pm. We call on our society, our people and all democratic forces to support our action and to show their solidarity."