Baydemir calls on voters abroad to go to the polls

Kurdish politician Osman Baydemir called on voters abroad to go to the polls and vote against those who want to institutionalize absolute fascism.

People abroad continue to vote all over the world for the second round of the Turkish Presidential elections. Kurdish politician Osman Baydemir, who carried out an intense election campaign on behalf of the Green Left Party in both Britain and Europe, called on all voters abroad to cast their vote.

Baydemir's call is as follows: "First of all, I would like to thank everyone who voted for peace, freedom and democracy once again. We all witnessed that we left behind an election in an unequal and unjust environment. And unfortunately, at the moment, the parliament is in the hands of people who want to institutionalize absolute fascism.

But it's not over yet. The last word is still in your hands. The second round of the presidential election will be held on 28 May. You can bring these people to account  by going to the polls. You can hinder the institutionalization of absolute fascism. Currently, the legislature is in the hands of the People's Alliance. If the opposition wins at the head of the executive branch, a balancing system, a system of separation of powers, will be established.

Voters abroad have the right to vote between 20-24 May. Our call is to all of you: You can make sure that absolute fascism is not institutionalized. If the opposition wins, we will have the opportunity to breathe. Let's convince everyone to go to the polls. Let’s take them to the polls. Let's not forget that this election is about not letting fascism win."