HDK, DTK, HDP, DBP and Green Left Party: We will carry our struggle forward

After a meeting to evaluate the elections, HDK, DTK, HDP, DBP and Green Left Party declared that the Kurdish political movement would continue to play a determining role in the struggle for democracy.

A meeting to evaluate the election results took place at the HDP headquarters in Ankara on Tuesday. The meeting was attended by the co-chairs and co-spokespersons of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), the Green Left Party, the Democratic Regions Party (DBP), the Democratic Society Congress (KCD) and the Peoples' Democratic Congress (HDK). Following the meeting, a joint statement was issued on the parliamentary and presidential elections of 14 May and the run-off election of 28 May, as well as on the further course of action of the parties and civil society organisations involved.

The five-point statement acknowledges the resistance of the Kurdish people and points out that every second person in Turkey disagrees with the palace regime. the HDP and the Kurdish political movement will continue to play a determining role in the struggle for democracy and will evaluate the current situation with its institutional structures and grassroots in the coming days, says the statement, which further includes the following:

1 - We experienced and are experiencing together a tough and hard time of struggle against the decomposition plan against the Kurdish political movement. The clearest answer to the continued coup politics against the Kurdish people's aspiration for freedom was given in Kurdistan with the elections of 14 May and 28 May. We bow with respect to the epic resistance of the Kurdish people who insist on a stance of freedom in the face of their statuslessness and the regime's policy of denial and annihilation. The stance against the tyrannical power has been reflected especially during the electoral process and at the ballot box. We reiterate our pledge that in the coming period, we will put this resolute stance alongside a correct, effective and result-oriented companionship.

2 - Likewise, we welcome the attitude of the peoples of Turkey towards the fascist power that uses all kinds of conspiracy, deception, lies and disinformation and uses all means of the state. The fact that every second person in society disagrees with the palace regime is a reason for us to strengthen the democratic-revolutionary social struggle in the coming period.

3 - We have fallen short of our intended electoral success and acknowledge this situation. However, we address the word once again to those who think that the Kurdish people's struggle for freedom and the peoples of Turkey's struggle for democracy have had the decisive role weakened by the ballot box math. We have always existed politically and have always been the hope of the oppressed. In the new period of struggle, we will continue to play a decisive role organisationally, politically and socially. This role is known especially to those who speak of 'raison d'état'. Tenaciously and persistently, we will continue to develop our role in the struggle for democracy and pave the way for an even stronger awakening to freedom.

4 - We promise victory once again to the great values of our struggle for democracy and freedom, to our friends and comrades who have participated, paid tribute and shown commitment in the dungeons, in exile, in every field and at every stage of the struggle.

5 - We will thoroughly evaluate the current situation in the coming days with our components and institutional structures as well as with our people, without being demoralised or frustrated and without giving way to a perception operation. No one should doubt that we will draw the necessary conclusions and carry forward our struggle against this anti-labour, anti-peace, anti-democracy, anti-freedom, anti-nature, anti-youth and anti-women regime without taking a step back.