42nd anniversary message from the PKK

“The 43rd year of the PKK will be a year of great struggle and achievement during which AKP-MHP fascism will be destroyed, Imrali torture and isolation system will be removed, and the occupation of the Turkish Republic will be stopped," said the PKK.

In a written statement on the 42nd founding anniversary, the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) Central Committee issued a call on everyone to participate more actively in the "Time of Freedom" resistance campaign, to disseminate anti-fascist resistance in every field and grow it further.

The PKK's statement reads as follows:

"As the Kurdish movement and people, we are celebrating the 42nd anniversary of the official establishment of the PKK. As of November 27, our Party will be completing its 42nd year and will be entering its 43rd year. We congratulate especially Leader Apo and party comrades, our patriotic people and our revolutionary-democrat friends on the 27th of November Party Foundation Day, the Party and the National Resurrection Day, and wish them success in the 43rd year of the party and the struggle. In the persons of our first great martyr Comrade Haki Karer and our 42nd year martyrs Kasım Engin, Leyla Agiri, Agit Civyan, Amara Batman and Yılmaz Dersim, we remember all our martyrs of the freedom struggle with respect, love and gratitude, and repeat our promise to achieve their goals and keep their memories alive.

It is very clear that we, as the party and the people, introduced a great struggle in the 42nd year and gave very valuable martyrs. One of our last martyrs is PKK Central Committee member and HPG Dersim Field Commander Yılmaz Dersim (İsmail Sürgeç), who was martyred in a clash with the fascist Turkish army in Dersim on November 10. Comrade Yılmaz Dersim was an Apoist militant who fought valiantly in the guerrilla ranks for the liberation of Kurdistan and the freedom of the Kurdish people for more than a quarter century. He spent most of his revolutionary life waging guerrilla warfare in the Dersim mountains and he became the living spirit of Seyit Rıza and Alişêr. He fought a great and successful war to avenge the Dersim genocide. He was killed as a result of a fascist-genocidal attack on the 83rd anniversary of the execution of the Dersim resistance fighters, Seyit Rıza and his companions. On this occasion, we commemorate comrade Yılmaz Dersim who was a valiant son of Dersim, esteemed student of Leader Apo and companion of Mazlums and Saras with respect and gratitude, and we state that his revenge will be taken and his goals will be achieved.

At the same time, we welcome a new 25 November, which is the "International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women". In Kurdistan and all over the world, women are fighting against the male-dominated mentality and politics which generate harassment, rape and femicides. As a party endowed with the ‘Jineology’ [Women’s Science] developed by Leader Abdullah Öcalan, we salute all these freedom resistances and we struggle to bring them to success by unifying them with the women's liberation revolution. We see the struggle against the male-dominated mentality and politics as the most revolutionary and liberal struggle, and we strive with all our might to develop such a struggle that will realize freedom and equality based on differences in society in every field. We believe that the struggle against the sovereign male and state violence will develop more on this 25th of November, and we wish all women who are waging a struggle for freedom much success.

It is clear that we, our leader and the PKK, have been subjected to a planned destruction and elimination attack under the leadership of the USA and based on the USA-Turkey-KDP alliance in the 42nd year of the party. The so-called attack, carried out on the basis of an updated international conspiracy, aimed at destruction in Bakur and invasion in Rojava and Bashur. This fascist-genocidal attack centered on the Imrali torture and isolation system seeks to annihilate the reality of Leader Apo and the PKK. On this basis, a hundred-year-old Kurdish genocide plan has been introduced through the elimination of free Kurdishness. To this end, all kinds of attacks have been put into practice, the widest alliances made, and all kinds of brutal attack methods, oppression, cruelty and massacre introduced.



However, our party, especially Leader Apo, our guerrilla forces, our women and youth movements, all our people and our friends have heroically resisted against all these fascist-genocidal attacks on the basis of a total revolutionary people's war strategy, frustrated the fascist-genocidal attacks and disrupted the plans of annihilation and elimination. Developed by our heroic guerrilla forces, the "Revolutionary Campaign of Cenga Heftanin" has played a pioneering role in achieving the aforementioned result by inflicting heavy blows to fascist-genocidal aggression. Beginning with the declaration of the KCK Executive Council on September 12, our resistance campaign ‘End to the Occupation, Fascism and Isolation! Time to Realize Freedom!’ has aimed to destroy the AKP-MHP fascism, whose plans were disrupted by the Cenga Haftanin resistance of our heroic guerrillas, to shatter the Imrali torture and isolation system and to save humanity from the fascist terror. Embraced and adopted by the Kurdish people in four parts of Kurdistan and abroad and by all revolutionary-democratic forces, our ‘Time for 'Freedom' campaign aims at ensuring the physical freedom of leader Abdullah Öcalan with success and making Kurdistan free, Turkey and the Middle East democratic.

As a movement and people, we are entering the 43rd year of the PKK's struggle on the basis of such a great resistance campaign. In order to prevent the development and success of our campaign in question, the US-Turkey-KDP alliance brings up the attack called the "Shengal Agreement" and the direct mobilization of the KDP's armed forces against our guerrilla. With such a provocation and by using the KDP forces, it is aimed to prevent our ‘Time for Freedom’ campaign, to save the AKP-MHP fascism from collapse and to extend its life. However, it is clear that all provocations and efforts are futile and will not produce results because our campaign has been adopted by all our patriotic people and revolutionary-democratic forces, our women and youth organizations, all our people and our friends, especially the actions of our heroic guerrilla forces in the mountains and in the cities, have contributed to a collective action in order to make the campaign victorious.

It is certain that AKP-MHP fascism will thus be destroyed and thrown into the rubbish heap of history with such a revolutionary-democratic resistance campaign that we will develop in the 43rd anniversary of the official foundation of the PKK. As a matter of fact, it is seen by everyone that the AKP-MHP fascist dictatorship, which is isolated from the society inside and even from its allies abroad, is crumbling within itself and is now collapsing with the political earthquake caused by the US election results. This collapse will deepen and accelerate with the daily actions of our people and our revolutionary-democratic friends under the leadership of our party, and the 43rd anniversary of the PKK will a year of a great struggle and achievement during which the AKP-MHP fascism will be destroyed, the Imrali torture and isolation system will be removed, and the Turkish occupation in other parts of Kurdistan will be stopped.

On this basis, we celebrate once again Leader Apo and all party comrades, our people and our friends on the occasion of the Party Day. We call on everyone to participate more actively in the "’Time for Freedom’ resistance campaign and to disseminate the anti-fascist resistance in every field and grow it even more in order to turn PKK’s 43 anniversary into a year during which the AKP-MHP fascism will be destroyed, torture and isolation of Imrali system will be removed, Leader Apo's physical freedom will be realized, Kurdistan will be liberated, and Turkey and the Middle East will be democratized!"