Armenian Genocide: Grand commemoration in Yerevan

The 109th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide was gloriously commemorated in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia.

The painful memory of the Armenian Genocide on 24 April 1915 was kept alive with commemoration events this year as well.

Thousands of people attended the official state ceremony in Tsitsernakaberd Square. The ceremony was attended by the President of Armenia and other state officials, as well as representatives from various parts of the country.

Following the official state ceremony, people marched to the Tsitsernakaberd Monument, where they laid carnations and wreaths.

Kurds also came together to share the pain of the Armenian people. Ilya Tamosyan and Silo Dirboyan, co-chairs of the Kurdistan Committee, and Milo Kalashiyan, a member of the Committee, also took part in the ceremony.

In his speech, Dirboyan condemned the Armenian Genocide and stated that as the Kurdistan Committee, they gathered to commemorate the Armenian Genocide this year as they do every year.

Ilya Tamosyan emphasised that the genocide should not be forgotten, and that the society should remember this painful event in order for it not to be repeated.

Milo Kalashiyan called on the Turkish state to abandon its war policies against the Armenian people and emphasised that the Armenian Genocide should be recognised.