Avesta: The internationalist campaign for Öcalan should not be limited to just statements

Sozdar Avesta said that the international initiative for Öcalan should spread to all continents.

KCK General Presidential Council Member Sozdar Avesta said that the "Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan, Political Solution to the Kurdish Question" campaign should not be limited to statements. 

Avesta added: "The campaign should continue with different, new and creative ways-methods and should spread to all continents and it should continue in time."

The international campaign was launched on 10 October 2023 led by trade union representatives, political parties, social organizations and personalities such as philosophers and Nobel laureates, on all continents and in 74 cities all over the world.

The text of the campaign said: "The Kurdish issue has been present for centuries. The Turkish state is leading a policy of oppression, and therefore the Kurdish issue has not been resolved in Turkey nor in any country of the Middle East. The policy of the Turkish occupation republic has deprived millions of Kurds of their basic civil and political rights. It has resulted in the loss of tens of thousands of lives, the displacement of millions, and the strengthening power of racists, religious fanatics and autocracy.

This is connected to serious local and global issues that affect the lives and safety of millions. Therefore, if it is resolved, it will have an effect on all the world. Kurdistan is divided into four states: Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. This campaign is international, because the Kurdish problem itself is an international issue.

This campaign has been launched internationally, because Leader Öcalan’s case is also international. The torture used against him is by the hegemonic forces of the world. The case of Leader Öcalan is not the case of one person, it is the case of a people who have faced oppression and genocides, and the case of the whole region."