Chemical desperation of the Turkish army in Zap

The Turkish army has not revealed the identities of its fallen soldiers whose dead bodies remain under the rocks for days. It resorts to chemical weapons after its psychologically disturbed soldiers got stuck in the deep valleys and cliffs of Zap.

The war of existence and freedom waged by Kurdish guerrillas against Turkish occupation and KDP betrayal in the Zap area is about to enter its second month. The Turkish army is getting a new 'Zap slap' in the face. A historic struggle is continuing in the areas of Kurojahro, Şikefta Birîndara, Çiyareş and Ertuş. On the one hand, there are fighters who are defending their positions on hills, not giving free passage to Turkish troops in the battle tunnels. On the other hand, there are semi-mobile fighter teams that have been carrying out non-stop actions under intense Turkish aerial attacks since the first day of this war. Moreover, there are guerrilla units that make the Turkish soldiers regret attacking these hills through their actions with heavy weapons, and the assassination teams that leave the Turkish soldiers in shock and horror. Dozens of guerrillas who devoted themselves to success in this war...

What has caused such a situation to emerge in the first two months of the Zap battle is undoubtedly the guerrillas’ claim to victory, their commitment to the leader and freedom, and their tactical mastery and guerrilla warfare focused on victory. In the face of the guerrilla resistance, the Turkish army has only fighter jets that constantly bomb the lands of Kurdistan, and the corpses of its soldiers, whose identities have not yet been revealed, and which have been abandoned under rocks for days. Its psychologically disturbed soldiers get stuck in the deep valleys and cliffs of Zap…

The only weapons that the Turkish army has desperately resorted to are chemical weapons, poisonous gases and large explosives. The Turkish army used chemical gas in almost every battle tunnel, especially in the Avaşîn area, as it received huge blows last year and caused guerrilla casualties. The Turkish army, which does not recognize any war ethics, has again resorted to chemical weapons in the dirty war it is waging this year.

Trying to back up its soldiers who cannot easily approach the battle tunnels as a result of the guerrilla actions this year, the Turkish army is pursuing a war method it has employed against the guerrilla forces previously. The battle tunnels are heavily bombed by fighter jets which drop rockets and barrel bombs containing intense chemical gases. Chemical weapons have been used intensely in Turkish airstrikes, especially in the Çiyareş, Şikefta Birîndara, Şehîd Şahin, Werxelê and Kurojahro areas. As a result of the measures taken by the guerrilla forces against these chemical gas attacks, many fighters were saved in several places. However, 8 guerrillas were martyred in Çiyareş and 5 others in Kurojahro due to the Turkish chemical attacks.

The Turkish army resorts to NATO weaponry after each defeat and employs a new method each day, especially in the Zap area, in order to get rid of the stalemate it has reached, and to encourage its soldiers to fight. The use of chemical weapons is the last-ditch attempt of an army whose prestige has been lowered on the verge of defeat. Muddling around in this chemical desperation, the Turkish army is running amok to face a historic defeat in Zap.