Clans from Raqqa: Turkey has always been obsessed with invasions

Clan sheikhs and opinion leaders in Raqqa pointed out that the Turkish state’s presence in Syrian territory is not legal or legitimate. The sheiks said the Turkish state has always been obsessed with invasions.

As the Turkish state continues to build an invasion wall in Afrin in an attempt to fracture Syrian territory, the international community remains silent in the face of all that has been happening. Speaking to ANHA, clan sheikhs and opinion leaders from Raqqa have voiced their protest against the invasion wall and said Turkey has become a home for gang members crossing into Syrian territory.


Al-Sabxa Clan’s Sheikh Mihemed Tirki Al-Sewan from southern Raqqa said: “The Turkish state has been building an invasion wall in Afrin to annex the land like they did in Iskenderun.” Al-Sewan said Erdogan has opened Turkey’s border gates for the gang groups and added: “Turkey is the biggest supporter of gangs in Syria, including ISIS.”

Al-Sewan continued: “The Turkish state has always been obsessed with invasions. Like they did in Iskenderun, the Turkish state wants to legitimize their occupation in Afrin, Jarablus and Bab.”


Al Amur Clan Sheikh Mihemed Al-Umar said the invasion wall the Turkish state put up is a violation against the Syrian people and Syria’s sovereignty.

Al-Umar said the Turkish state has been supporting the gangs since the beginning of the Syrian conflict for their own interests and added: “Turkey is trying to create divisions among the peoples of the region.”

Mihemed Al-Umar called on the United Nations Security Council and said, “Syrian lands are being invaded in front of the whole world to see. Hear the calls of the Syrian people.”