Confessions of MIT sleeper cells in Northern and Eastern Syria

Gang members in the Turkish intelligence sleeper cell captured by the SDF and YPG in Raqqa made important confessions.

Turkish intelligence sleeper cells captured in special operations by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and People’s Defense Units (YPG) in the Euphrates region in recent days made important confessions on the bomb attacks against Kurds and peoples of Northern and Eastern Syria, the people they abducted and held for ransom while wearing SDF uniforms and the explosives they smuggled into the region from Turkey.

Unable to achieve the results they wanted on Northern and Eastern Syria through gangs like al-Nusra and ISIS, The Turkish state is now working to incite a Kurd-Arab conflict in the region through sleeper cells. Many Turkish intelligence (MIT) allied gang members who murdered opinion leaders in the region, abducted civilians wearing SDF and YPG uniforms, held people for ransom and tortured people through sleeper cells were captured in the region recently.

Emmar Mihemed El Hadi, one of the dozens of gang members captured by the SDF and YPG, made confessions on six attacks he carried out in Raqqa and one man he abducted and tortured on orders from a man named Ebu Nasir who lives in Urfa and works for Turkish intelligence. Ebu Nasir’s relative and gang member Bessar Ebdulrezaq El Mehmud confessed to smuggling explosives and weapons from Bab to Turkey.


Emmar Mihemed El Hadi said he joined the al-Nusra Front after forming an organization named Suxur El Cezire in Raqqa in the early days of the Syrian war, and he went to Istanbul when ISIS came. He worked in various jobs for 2 years and 8 months in Esenyurt, Istanbul: “I had a friend who went to Germany before, Ebud. I wanted to go to Germany through him. Ebud connected me to a man named Ebu Nasir. I’m guessing he was Ebud’s cousin. That man lived in Urfa, and he asked me to carry out some actions in Syria for pay.”


El Hadi said he accepted the offer to make some money and added that he was told the attacks would be mainly against Kurds. El Hadi said: “Ebu Nasir took me to Syria from Azaz, and I arrived at Raqqa. I was told the actions were against Kurds. A man named Besar brought me the explosives. I was to get paid 3.000 dollars per action, but they also asked for video from the actions.”


El hadi said he carried out 3 explosions in Raqqa and 3 of his attacks were neutralized: “The first action was a bomb placed in an overpass in Selehebiye. I took video, but nobody was hurt. The other action was to be on a bridge to the west of Raqqa, but my explosives were noticed. I placed the other explosives along the Jamiliyah road in the city center, but a child noticed that one. It didn’t go off. I placed explosives on another bridge, but a military vehicle was targeted there. It was a vehicle of the Ebu Isa group.”


Gang member El hadi said he agreed to 3.000 dollars per action but he was only able to get 800 dollars in total. The last job he was given was to abduct a merchant named Cuma Ebdula by the man he knew as Ebu Nasir. El Hadi said: “Then Ebu Nasir gave us another job, to abduct a man named Cuma Ebdula in Raqqa because he had Ebu Ali Silim’s money. I don’t know Ebu Ali Silim, but I know he’s with Turkish intelligence. Ebu Nasir said he would send us weapons and thermal binoculars as well as money.”


El Hadi said they wore SDF uniforms as they abducted Cuma Ebdula: “We were five people who abducted him. We wore SDF uniforms to move about with ease and to divert suspicions. We held him for one day, then another merchant reached out to Ebu Ali Silim and said he will take on the debt, and we should release Cuma Ebdula.” Ebu Ali Silim reportedly took 200.000 dollars from Cuma Ebdulla and 40.000 of the 200.000 was given to them.


Another gang member captured after El Hadi’s confessions is Bessar Ebdulrezaq El Mehmut, who smuggled explosives and weapons to the region from the “Euphrates Shield” zones. He is also a relative of the man named Ebu Nasir who lives in Urfa and acts as an intermediary between them and Turkish intelligence. He stressed that he is certain Ebu Nasir works with the MIT.


Bessar Ebdulrezaq El Mehmud said: “Ebu Nasir contacted me and told me to take the explosives from Bab and take them to Raqqa. Ebu Nasir is the brother of our brother in law, and he lives in Urfa. I know he works with Turkish intelligence. I have oil tankers. He gave me the number of a man in Bab when I tool oil there. I contacted him and took the explosives and guns from him, then I took them to Raqqa.”


Bessar Ebdulrezaq El Mehmud said he received 600 dollars for each transport and gave Ebu Ali Silim’s name, who is part of the Turkish state allied gangs. He said: “Ebu Nasir used to be here in Raqqa in the Free Syrian Army. Then he said he was going to go to Turkey to work. He crossed into Turkey from Idlib. I’m sure he works with Turkish intelligence, because the landmines were Turkish-made. Ebu Ali Silim is also known for working with the Turkish state. Ebu Nasir’s real name is Ebud Isa Itelc.”

Dozens of gang members and large amounts of weapons and ammunition were captured by the YPG and SDF in the operations that expanded in accordance with the information Emmar Mihemed El Hadi and Bessar Ebdulrezaq El Mehmud provided.