Erdoğan-Bahceli fascism has come to a dead end

The earthquake has put Turkish president Erdoğan into trouble. The government has lost its credibility. Government ally Bahçeli still thinks that he can maintain the fascist government by threatening and insulting his opponents.

The heavy destruction and loss of lives caused by the series of earthquakes in Turkey will also strike the Erdoğan government. Despite more than a hundred thousand deaths, the fascist government thinks of quitting neither power nor war. While people were trapped under the rubble, they continued to bomb guerrilla areas and North-East Syria. Turkish drones continue to kill people in all of Kurdistan, including Shengal. Erdoğan had to announce elections after the opposition took a tough stance and the constitution did not make way for him. The elections will be held on May 14. In general, some claimed that Erdoğan would not go even if he lost elections, or he would try to stay in power by prompting a civil war. They can resort to any madness in order not to leave the power. However, things have changed with the earthquakes. The government declared a state of emergency. It also came out how decayed their ground is. There is no civil war they can win for sure. Those gathered around them are not ideological cadres. Most of them are career-hungry people seeking profits.  

They have also transformed the state into a crime ring. State institutions have been undermined. This fact became more visible after the earthquake. Erdoğan failed to divide the opposition alliance, also known as the Table of Six. The crackdown on the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) has not stopped, but yielded no results so far. At the utmost, they might decide to close the party before the election. They could not narrow down the voter base of the HDP. The Labour and Freedom Bloc will maintain its determined and effective stance. It has also become clear that if the HDP supports Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu (the opposition’s presidential candidate) in the election, Erdoğan is very likely to lose in the first round.  Erdoğan, on the other hand, has now desperately embraced the pro-Hezbollah Hüda-Par. He also allies with Doğu Perinçek, a controversial ultra-nationalist politician known for his shady provocations in the past.

He stole Erbakan's party and electorate, for which he had worked for decades. He could not entrap the Saadet (Felicity) Party. He had to ally with Fatih Erbakan. He created an interesting power constellation. His alliance looks like a patchwork and full of contradictions. But this is not a problem. For Erdoğan, anything is possible as long as he remains in power. Principles, laws, crimes do not matter. Erdoğan says that the government has done everything to deal with the earthquake disaster. He vowed that new houses would be built quickly for the survivors. But life says otherwise. Millions of people have lost their families, relatives, beloved ones. They witnessed how countless people died because rescue teams never came. Many died of cold. People have suffered a lot.

Erdoğan's lies and pro-government media cannot deceive the earthquake survivors. For they have seen for themselves what actually happened. The government has lost its credibility. Government ally Bahçeli still thinks that he can maintain the fascist government by threatening and insulting his opponents. The votes he would get would not be more than 5 percent. Still, he is trying to design Turkey. He thinks that he can do anything because he is backed by dark forces. He never thinks that he will be held accountable. He owns the political system and is above the law! Once upon a time, army generals like Çevik Bir held similar views. Those who reposed on the state and the army believed that they had the right to do anything they liked. However, their fate was not so bright. It would be good for people like Bahçeli not to underestimate the people and the forces of democracy. Erdoğan and his cronies are in fear and panic.

Instead of giving an account to people or stepping down from the government, he goes to the earthquake-hit regions and blames the opposition parties. This is pure shamelessness and indecency. He has been in power for twenty years. Is it the opposition that blocked aid? Is it the opposition that undermined earthquake preparations? There is no such thing. On the contrary, he turned a blind eye to what the experts and the opposition said and remained greedy for money and power. The outcome was a great disaster for the people. When it comes to aggression and hostility towards the Kurds, neither disasters nor earthquakes stop them. The government did not even allow the army to help the earthquake survivors so that the war motivation of the army would not be shattered. In the face of criticism, the chemical Hulusi (Defence Minister) says that the army protects the borders.

Which enemies and armies are pounding at Turkey’s borders? Moreover, it is the Turkish army that keeps violating and occupying other borders. Tens of thousands of Turkish troops are now in Syria and Iraq as an occupying power, and the Turkish army spends billions of dollars on war expenditures. A government that does not care about its own citizens in order to continue its genocidal policies rules Turkey. The whole world has seen and understood it. It can thus be said that Erdoğan is not respected in the world. Will his friend Putin be able to save him? Or could a few billion dollars and black money he got from here and there affect the outcome of the elections? It can easily be said that those who link their fates to those people, the pro-Hezbollah circles and to the likes of Doğu Perinçek will have a dark future.

Source: Ronahi Newspaper