Fascism's dream of a superior race lasts until the guerrilla strikes

Those who have no capital and purpose other than enmity against the Kurdish people are in a pathetic state. The Kurdishness, which could not be finished for 100 years, will not be finished after that either.

The main world agenda of recent times is the developing technological arms race and its devastating effects on societies. In this recent period, when the balance of power on a global scale is rapidly shifting, the efforts of nation states to maintain their hegemony on a regional continuity basis are in many respects dragging not only the other side but also their own societies into a great predicament. There are many examples of such powers in the Middle East, but the most prominent of these is undoubtedly the Turkish state and Turkish society, which has made occupation a state tradition, and the strategy that each new government adopts as a continuation of the lineage, is dragging the Turkish state and Turkish society into a turmoil from which they are increasingly unable to get out. The rapid militaristic tendencies of the society and the fascist sentiments that are gradually spreading to almost a large part of the society are spreading like a cancer. It should not be forgotten that this is a cancer that started with the founding of the Republic and has been going on for 100 years. This Republic, which could not have been established without the support of the Kurdish people, showed its true face after the first few years and carried out a genocidal campaign against all other races, especially the Kurdish people, by making Turkishness the superior race.

Fascism has become an identity

It is necessary to comprehend the phenomenon of fascism well. Because the concepts of fascism and racism are not just discursive concepts. Fascism, identified with Hitler in Germany and Mussolini in Italy, has become an identity in the last century. The evil they committed to create a race superior of their own and to subjugate or destroy all other races is unprecedented in human history. Likewise, fascism is the new identity that the Erdoğan regime has given to society on the basis of anti-Kurdish sentiments. Because apart from cultural, linguistic, artistic and political opposition and rejection, the physical denial of the Kurdish right to life is practiced today not only by state forces but also by Turkish society.

There is an important point here. I wonder if this definition of state and race, whose own language, culture and sociological foundations are based on usurping the heritage of other societies, sees its own rootlessness before defining Kurdishness as a concept to be despised. It is very difficult to understand how the new definition of Turkishness, which was created by the Republic by creating a new language and culture, or rather by plagiarizing from here and there, can be presented as a superior race even today. The concept of Turkishness, which is currently experiencing a great cultural degeneration, is a completely misleading concept. On the other hand, the Kurdish people, who have raised personalities that have laid the foundations in many fields, scientifically, artistically and culturally, and who have been the most essential element and people of Mesopotamia for ages, have been a people who have determined the balances in every period. It has rejected oppression, exploitation and genocide with dozens of examples of resistance and has not succumbed to oppression.

Day after day, the occupiers suffered heavier blows

As we see this racism and brutality in every aspect of life, we also see it in the occupying Turkish soldiers who have supposedly come to finish the guerrilla. Although the fear they experience in the face of the guerrilla is repeatedly reflected on the guerrilla's camera and known by everyone, we are faced with a pathetic system that is inflated in order to gain credit in the eyes of the society and rejoices in the slightest attack as if the Kurdish Freedom Movement has been finished, and tries to sell this to the whole society with a great perception operation. This dirty army, which has been waging a great special war for the last 9 years, always tries to hide from the society what kind of scene it is facing on the ground. While this fascist regime continues its policies of standardization against the Kurdish people by painting a picture of a noble, strong and mighty army, the case on the ground has been the opposite.

The occupiers suffered a heavier blow against the guerrilla day by day, and the more they were hit, the more their rhetoric of fascism increased. The AKP-MHP regime, which has waged a war against the Kurdish people with the concept of annihilation both inside and outside, turned fascism into a social identity. Many Kurds were massacred with this special propaganda, especially in the cities of Turkey. Dozens more are imprisoned under torture every day. But the struggle of the Kurdish people has come this far despite the dirty war and all these policies. On the other hand, in the special war against the social mind, the occupying Turkish state has reached a level that disregards all moral norms and recognizes no law. There is no law left for the Kurdish people. For this reason, the Kurdish people must operate their own law, that is, the law of struggle. As a matter of fact, the evolution of the struggle shows this. We know well how an army that tries to create success through guerrilla deaths and the fascist Erdoğan regime, which owns this army, treat their own dead.

Even though Turkish society continues to ignore this, we will continue to show these truths to everyone. Even the corpses of those who posed in the guerrilla areas doing the grey wolf salute are now missing. Their state and armiy, to which they were so attached, did not even claim their bodies. The bodies of hundreds of them have fallen prey to wolves and birds. As a reminder, during last year's invasion operation, the bodies of 18 invaders in the Shikefta Birîndara area of Zap were bombed and destroyed by the Turkish army itself. According to the information provided by the guerrilla forces at the time, the smell of these soldiers' corpses was all-pervading. Again, they burned the bodies of their own soldiers in the Girê Cûdî Resistance Area in the Şehit Delîl Western Zap region. Clear images of this were published by the guerrilla forces.

The half-century-long Kurdish freedom struggle has proven its adequacy

Now we must ask once again when the social mind will realize that this war and dirty politics will bring about their own end. Those who say "if you are a Turk, brag, if you are not, obey" attack the Kurdish people by drooling without seeing this immorality and their devastated armies. While these racist people in society engage in all kinds of enmity and attacks against the Kurdish people, the same people have psychological attacks out of fear when they are sent to fight against the guerrilla. Apart from the soldiers killed and wounded by the guerrilla in the last two years of war, thousands of them have psychologically collapsed and many of them can no longer adapt to society as before. As a matter of fact, one of them recently went insane and killed his entire household. Those who shout so much about homeland throw themselves off the cliffs out of fear when they see the gun barrel.

If you are so superior, if you are so strong, fight without any technique. Let's see if a single one of those soldiers can hold their ground without reconnaissance aircraft hovering over them and helicopters and warplanes not bombarding the area for them. Let's see if they can say that they are the superior race then. In fact, just a week ago, 90 soldiers were killed in revolutionary operations carried out by guerrilla forces.

In conclusion, what I want to say is that it is obvious that those who have no capital and purpose other than opposition and enmity against the Kurdish people are in a pathetic state. Therefore, as long as Turkish society does not give up its racism against the Kurdish people and attacks the Kurdish people's struggle for freedom, it will consume its own sociological structure. This will happen socially, politically and physically. If Kurdishness has not been finished for 100 years, it will not be finished after that either. The Kurdish freedom struggle that has been going on for half a century has proven its adequacy.