Guerrillas' cameras record terrified Turkish soldiers

The Turkish soldiers were terrified and could not lift their heads for hours. They were recorded by the guerrillas who took them under their control.

New images emerge from the guerrilla areas. It is stated that the place in the images is Zap.

Two guerrilla snipers in the mobile team followed the Turkish soldiers without revealing their location after the action they carried out.

Guerrillas, who seem to be in the vicinity of the soldiers, speak in low voices so as not to be discovered.

It is seen that the soldiers moving in the open area are unable to raise their heads for hours for fear of death.

The Turkish soldiers are desperately pretending to be dead, worried about whether the next guerrilla bullet will hit them.

In the Turkish war press, the real state of the Turkish army, which is supposedly writing an epic, is in fact recorded on guerrillas’ cameras moment by moment.